Wednesday, April 20, 2011

FAVS: Toy/Sippy Leashes

If course those dandy little plastic links work awesome for hanging toys from baby gyms, exersaucers, and the side of your lil' one's crib.  But when it comes to leashing their prized posessions to their carseat and stroller, I love toy leashes.  I've made 'em and bought 'em, and here are a couple of my favorites.

The Little Lasso = stretchy goodness
Swanky Boutique Leash:  The Little Lasso is hands down my favorite for strapping that favorite toy or blankie to the car seat.  It's stretchy and can be hooked back onto itself to keep the length nice and short so I'm not dragging Scarlett's Winkel all over the ground when toting that heavy ass infant carrier.  I can also easily thread Ruby's a + a Issie right through the end and don't have to fear about losing it overboard.  It comes in stylish prints to suit your fancy...I nabbed the Cabana Stripe last time they showed up on Mamabargains, and the rainbow colored Multi-stripe this go-round.  You'll definitely want to snag them when they show up on a deal site for half off, because these suckers are $20+ a pop retail.

Could you make them?  Sure, they're basically a fabric tube (with elastic inside) with sliding beads that tighten everything down.  But they are very well made and honestly who has the freaking time.  If you add a link to the other end as well, you can thread the lasso through your kiddos' favorite gadget and stretch it across the car seat to make a makeshift toy bar.  Nifty.

Sure, it's not brain surgery.  Just thought I'd illustrate some options. 

NiNi Toy Bungee = Slobber-proof
Easy-to-Clean Leash:  NiNi Toy Bungee is nice because it is crafted of a durable, non-toxic rubbery material that is super easy to wipe clean. This makes this the leash of choice for teething toys and at sloppy mealtime. The queen drooler can nosh on this sucker for an hour and I'm not left with a soggy wet rope when she's done. The name "bungee" is a bit deceptive however, since this thing isn't stretchy at all. It does have a nifty clip in the center so you can leave the "anchor" piece attached to your stroller, but set the treasured item at the other end free. This will also make it easy to quickly attach the bungee to restaurant high chairs on the go (you can just loop the anchor and then snap on the sippy).

If I had one nit picky design whine, the NiNi company logo is butt ugly and printed in clashing colors prominently on the side of the strap.  I'm not sure when red and neon orange were the coordinating colors of choice to be printed on bubble gum pink...but someone's color blind.  But hey, I suppose function over form is the most important part here.

Crafty Homemade Leash:  Got about 20 minutes, a sewing machine, some spare fabric, and a snap or velcro?  Then you've got yourself a toy leash.  Need an even easier no-sew option in a pinch?  Just cut a length of ribbon to taste, burn the edges so it doesn't fray, and whack two snaps in place with a hammer.  You're all set!  (UPDATE now that the girls are older/stronger:  Use snaps for both ends or heavy duty gals have learned how to undo the easy stuff).

Ah Sophie, you are a feisty one.  You don't stand a chance against my crafty powers.
Oh, and If you need a good chuckle today, check out Tina Fey's Mother's Prayer for Its Child (an exerpt from her book Bossypants).  The last chunk actually made me tear up.  I must be hormonal.

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